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It is not often I am moved to tears. I was moved to tears while watching his first speech as our new Minister for the Environment, at his post-inauguration service. But this was no false tears. He spoke of his love for his family, his friends and his home. He spoke of his belief in equality and the “special bond” between people. He spoke of compassion and understanding, of hope and faith. Yet, he was more than speaking. It was as if his feelings were being projected to a multitude of people, those who have been and are now in fear of a world they have come to know and love. He spoke of the need to believe in the power of hope, that we should be hopeful for a better world. He spoke of his hope for his own family, for the family of all of us. He spoke of the need to have faith in our God. “Let us open our hearts to those who are in need. Let us open our doors to those who need our help. Let us pray for our families and our friends. “And, finally, let us lift our eyes to the heavens and ask God to bless and to bless us as one.” For one moment, I forgot who he was. I forgot the Government of New Zealand. I forgot what he was expected to do. For one moment, I felt one with the nation of New Zealand. We are a free people. We have a government that is not of this world. It is a government that is in tune with our fellow man and our fellow country. It is a Government that is connected to the spirituality of our people. It is a Government that is in tune with God’s infinite love for all mankind. He is a servant of a servant, and that is the greatest honour of all. It is the privilege of a lifetime to be Minister for the Environment. Thank you Mr. Speaker.Q: matlab: How to plot a function with different variables in the same plot? I have a function that looks like this: I tried to plot it with this code: set(gcf,'Units','Normalized'); figure(1) [X,Y] = meshgrid(0:1:10); subplot(2



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Serendipity[DVD-Rip].spanish.castellano karrech

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